Consulate General of the People‘s Republic of Bangladesh
Istanbul, Turkey

Celebration of historical Mujibnagar Day on 17 April 2019

Celebration of historical Mujibnagar Day  on 17 April 2019 (  Bangladesh Consulate organised a discussion on the historical significance of the day in the Chancery. Ms. O.N. Siddika, Secretary, Bangladesh Public Service Commission who was visiting Turkey was present in event. Among others, members of the delegates of  BPSC, and Bangladeshi expatriates were present. Ms. Siddika spoke of the importance of the day. Consul Mr. Bidosh Chandra Barman delivered the welcome speech on this occasion).

- Consul General of Bangladesh participated in ‘ the Leadership Summit’ on 29 April 2019 at Bahceshehir University. Among others, Ambassadors of India and Japan were present.  Consul spoke on the rising importance of  Asia Pacific in the global context, focusing on Bangladesh’s recent economic development and it’s growing importance in the neighbouring countries.