Consulate General of the People‘s Republic of Bangladesh
Istanbul, Turkey

Exchange of views with Turkish Journalists

Exchange of views with Turkish Journalists familiar with the glorious history of Bangladesh on 07 February 2019 ( Following the discovery of a group of Istanbul based journalists, who had followed and covered the story of the emergence of Bangladesh in 1971 the Mission organized a meeting with them on 07 February 2019. The list of participants included, among others, the current President of Turkish Journalist Association, Mr. Turgay Olcayto, former Head of the Daily Huriyet and Member of Parliament Mr. Oktay Ekshi and Columnist/Journalist Mr. Zafer Atay (who had covered the OIC Summit in Lahore in 1974, which was participated by the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman along with other world leaders), Mr. Niyazi Dalyanci, Vice Secretary General of Turkish Journalist Association, Mr. Hayreddin Turan, President of Turkey-Arab Community, Mr. Murat Yesi, Journalist and Mr. Ahmet Coskunaydin, Journalist in Dunya newspaper.  The participating media personalities expressed that th,ey took deep interests in Bangladesh, while expressing their profound love and respect for Bangabandhu.  They were highly impressed at learning the phenomenal socio-economic progress of Bangladesh and extended sincere appreciation  to  Honourable Prime Minister for her role and leadership in handling the Rohingya crisis. ),